• 21/10/2014

    Track4C to exhibit at Intermodal Europe 2014, taking place at Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam between 11-13 November 2014.
    Register for free using this registration-link and come visit us at stand A16.

    containers in motion

  • 03/10/2014

    Opher Yaron, CTO of Track4C, to speak at the second Smart Systems Industry Summit (SSIS 2014) about "Challenges and Practice of Tracking Assets around the world". SSIS 2014 will take place in Mechelen, Belgium, on October 14, 2014. For more information and registration, go to

  • 01/08/2014

    Why not data mining?

    “Data Mining” solutions are currently provided by the large logistic suppliers. But this is not realistic for smaller suppliers given the inherent high costs associated with the multiple standards applicable around the world as well as the large number of controls to be set up, operated, monitored and managed. And in any event, “Data Mining” remains vulnerable to data tampering.

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  • 01/08/2014

    Track4C is future proof

    The future trends in shipping containers are becoming clearer and the Track4c solution already meets and anticipates them.

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  • 01/08/2014

    Track4C has a complete solution for containers, cargo and much more

    The Track4C solution is unique in that it combines specific data collection parameters with increased efficiency based on the insights of our partners.

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  • 01/08/2014

    Track4C is continuously adding functionalities

    Security aspects will naturally be the priority and emphasis in new or enhanced Track4C functionalities, but not to the detriment of development of a broader range of features. Track4C will continue to expand the full range of functionalities as requested by clients so that they have augmented knowledge in real time of the positioning of their containers and their physical condition of their contents.

  • 01/08/2014

    Track4C enhances security

    Security is a key concern of the partners of Track4C. Specifically, the availability of real time information about ingress (authorized or otherwise) is a real plus function. Future product enhancements being developed by Track4C will prioritize such security features.

  • 01/08/2014

    Track4C is operationally successful

    Track4C monitors on a global basis the location as well as the environmental conditions of containers in transit. The Track4C data solution is much appreciated by users because of its facility of use, its not requiring reverse logistics and the fact that it is tamper resistant.

  • 01/10/2013

    Successful Trials

    We have recently successfully completed field trials with some of our industry partners, tracking containers around the EU and as far afield as Russia and Israel. Putting us on track to push for worldwide deployment in the near future.

  • 23/10/2013

    Track4C had a very successful Intermodal in Hamburg!

    Thank you to those who visited our booth. We’re working hard now to follow up with quotes and additional information. Also note the downloadable presentation from Mr. Bart Lannoo, speaker at the Innovation Forum.

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  • All objects of value on-the-​move, with variables that need to be periodically monitored, will become part of the Internet of Things.


  • Become the preferred supplier worldwide of solutions for connecting these assets to the Internet of Things.
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