About us

Company History

Founded in 2012 and lead by an experienced management team with extensive experience in telecoms and other diverse fields. Track4C is supported by a network of business incubators, including iMinds, The University of Ghent, IWT (Agency for innovation by science and technology) and several other Flemish government initiatives. Significant funding has come from leading venture capital firms in Belgium, including Qbiq, PMV and iMinds.


The leadership of Track4c focuses on

  1. identified market niches;
  2. applying specific and relevant technical knowledge and business experience to address these markets; and
  3. leveraging this unique capability swiftly with world class partners to maximize the business potential and returns. With our partners, this will turn company leadership into market leadership.

Within Track4c, Mr. O. Yaron brings the technical and technological expertise related to: track and trace; information collection and dissemination; and electronic data transmission without dedicated power supplies. Implementation of these key competences and their application to specific business requirements is the responsibility of the two founding partners: Mr. J Van Herbruggen and Mr. G Van den Bulck. They are further supported by the diverse and seasoned experience of the members of the Board of Directors of Track4c.

Because the dynamics of the market will necessitate the simultaneous implementation of "Smart assets" by many industry players, Track4c is investing heavily in evaluating and teaming with potential partners that have a strategic interest in enlarging their product portfolio and/or their technical competence. Current players in the field of "Track and Trace" as well as those companies that will be the end-users are obvious prime candidates to be the favored partners of Track4c as are specialized consultants whose area of competence is relevant.

Interested potential partners are invited to contact Staf Van den Bulck (on telephone + 32 475 45 30 06 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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