How does it work?

  • What technology makes this possible, what is the reasoning behind its development and what products and services do we offer?

Three main concerns drive our solution

  • It needs to be a comprehensive end-to-end solution.
    • Our solution includes all the hardware, software and services to successfully put the tracking solution into operation. i.e. installation, operation and maintenance.
  • It needs to be cost effective, based on a pay-as-you use model.
    • Priced according to reasonable costing expectations.
  • It needs to be simple, placing no burden on anyone in the transport chain.


The Track4C solution is fixed in the container. This offers several advantages: full usage of the long battery life, no need for complicated and expensive reverse logistics, optimum amortization of costs, and complete invisibility from outside the container. Dry containers have no power source; as such Track4C provides industry leading battery life. Custom in house electronics are engineered for minimal power usage, ensuring that once installed there is very little maintenance and your asset can be tracked reliably wherever it goes. The device is installed in the container by Track4c.

The table below shows the key technologies and design features in the Track4C hardware.



Our proprietary software, allows for precise control and setup of the device. All data collection and processing is handled by our servers, so you don't need to adapt your own IT systems. The frequency of updates, geo fences, how and when alarms are sent are all customisable. Information is received and stored by our servers, and accessed via a secure web-based dashboard.


The dashboard allows you to track multiple objects, position information is presented graphically using Google maps integration, with traditional maps or satellite views. Additional details about container status are presented clearly, and are exportable to your own databases. Our system can also be integrated in your existing ERP system to seamlessly add capabilities to your business systems.

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