Who benifits?


Shippers (owners or purchasers of goods) obviously benefit. Information of whereabouts of goods being transported, information on parameters of interest, for instance temperature curve in the container, all help to streamline their supply chain, reduce inventories or avoid interruptions in the sales process, avoid last minute shipments by air, etc.


At first glance it seems shippers are the ones to benefit most. But looking further the forwarding industry and third party logistic service providers (3PL) share this profit, and even may outperform the benefits for the shippers. The Track4c solution gives them an opportunity to differentiate in their sector by becoming a reliable source of real-time up-to-date information, relative to competing data-mining-based solutions that are complicated, expensive, less reliable, and only address a small part of the needs (no security for instance).

Information on the whereabouts of (empty) containers, obtained almost for free, reduces administrative complexity, improves operational planning, and reduces idle time as well as transport and maintenance costs.

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